The Young Citizens Program is another great opportunity for students participating in the Yukon/Stikine Regional Heritage Fair.

The Young Citizens program focuses on citizenship and is a complementary component to Heritage Fairs, an annual event where students present the results of their research on Canadian heroes, legends and key events in Canadian history.

Young Citizens is interactive and online, engaging students and giving voice to participants from grades 4-9 (10 to 16 years old), from all across Canada. Their mission is to create a video, much like an evening news report, based on the research of their Heritage Fair project. These videos are then uploaded and archived on the Young Citizens website.

Thanks to this platform, they can exchange ideas and opinions with other Young Citizens. Parents, friends and classmates are also invited to watch and comment on the students’ work.

By participating in this experience, the Young Citizens act as ambassadors for their region. They learn the tools and skills necessary to cultivate their development as responsible citizens in a real and dynamic learning environment.

Even better, their contributions are usually quite personal and stem from their own heritage, so their projects can bring light to regional history that is often overlooked or forgotten.

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