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The goal of education in the Yukon is to meet the unique needs of every child and to develop the whole child.

Self-Regulation Resources

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YSRI Pamphlets

Parent Guide to Self-Regulation
Impact of Trauma and Self-Regulation
A Science Background to Self-Regulation

Book Club Recordings

Biological Domain
Emotional Domain
Cognitive Domain
Social Domain
Special Education
Mental Health
The Neurobiology of Self-Regulation


Self-Regulation Trainer Webinar Series

The Neurobiology of Self-Regulation
Emotion Regulation
Self-Regulation vs Self-control
Self-Regulation and Trauma
Self-Regulation vs. Self-Control: Reframing a Child's Behaviour
Body Reading, Mindreading and Self-Reading
The Meaning of "Caring"
Reducing The Stres:s Self-Regulation in Preschool & Primary-Aged Children
Body Reading, MindReading and Self Reading
Self-regulation for Teacher-Practitioner
The Adolescent Brain

Conference PowerPoints

The Meaning of Safe
Stuart Shanker
The Meaning of Caring
Stuart Shanker

Local Resources

Recreation and Parks Association of Yukon
At this site you can physical and movement classroom ideas including pedometers
Pathways to Wellness
Throughout this website, we invite you to discover what you, your family and your community can do to be healthier, happier and get the most out of life.
Health Promotions
Supports programs and services that promote healthy lifestyles.



Yukon Education Student Network

The Yukon Education Student Network is the central portal for all Yukon school websites, curriculum links and educational resources. Information & resources for First Nations, the First Class Communication System, Digital Literacy, the Yukon Student Information System (YSIS) and the Yukon School Athletic Association are all are available on YESNet.