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Student Support Services

The goal of education in the Yukon is to meet the unique needs of every child and to develop the whole child.



Guiding Principles

  • Learning is a unique interaction between the student and the instructional environment.
  • Passionately seeking authentic information about each child's unique skills and needs will result in academic/behavioral improvement.
  • All students can learn. When they are not learning, we must find out why.
  • We must focus on understanding & resolving the causes of problems – “why” learning is not occurring.

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Comprehensive School Health Database
Student Support Services Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
September 15, 2014
October 7, 2013

Yukon Education Student Network

The Yukon Education Student Network is the central portal for all Yukon school websites, curriculum links and educational resources. Information & resources for First Nations, the First Class Communication System, Digital Literacy, the Yukon Student Information System (YSIS) and the Yukon School Athletic Association are all are available on YESNet.