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Seamless integration of technology in the classroom is a goal of 21st Century Learning and "can extend learning in powerful ways." ~ Edutopia


Setting Up a Class Web site with Weebly

Weebly Education is an online tool that allows you as a teacher to create your own Web site and student accounts for student blogging or student Web sites. Accounts you create for students have privacy controls that you can manage for your students. Additional features include posting and collecting assignments.

Creating a Weebly Site for Your Class
Sign up for a Web site at to set up your class site.

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How to Create & Manage Student Accounts
Setting Up Student Accounts on Weebly

Log on to your Weebly account and click on My Students from your dashboard.
You will prompted to enter a class name and password. The class password will keep student sites private. To view any of your student's sites the password will have to be entered.

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Class Settings
Click on Class Settings to turn on the Blog Comments to Hold for Moderation. This gives you the opportunity to view and approve any comments coming to student's Web pages.

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Manage comments by clicking on Moderate Blogs. This will allow you to read the comment, see who the author is and the date and approve or delete the comment.

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Add a Student
Click on Add a Student, enter first and last names, a username, a password and click add.

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Creating Student Web sites

Students sign up for their accounts at to set up their student site.

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Additional Features

Submit Assignment Form

Teachers can choose to add a form for students to use to submit assignments. Choose the assignment form from the elements in your Weebly Editor.




Beginner's Guide to Weebly
Video - Creating Student Accounts by Katie Price
Weebly Education Website Building Slide Show

Policies to Follow for Web Publishing



Yukon Education Student Network

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